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day 2: your crush
dear crush,


...well, truthfully, i haven't had a crush since the fourth grade. i've never even had a boyfriend. people are always pestering me about the boy i might like or whatever, but really! i just don't like anybody right now. sure i may find some of the boys at school cute, but i don't know them. ((and plus, the boys at my school are insane! ...but still cute~?))


so! you know ss501's hyun-joong? HE'S MINE.
oh and super junior's kibum? HE'S MINE TOO.
andandand! u-kiss's eli? HE'S MOST ESPECIALLY MINE.

dear hyun-joon-sshi ((my ji-hoo-oppa)),

lets face it. you have got to be the most beautiful man in the whole world. i bet half of south korea's female population is in love with you. i wouldn't be suprised if they were. you are just so inhumanely beautiful. ever since the first time i ever laid my eyes on you in boys over flowers, i fell in love with your smile. that boyish most adorable smile of yours won me over a thousand times. you had no idea how much my heart ached when jan-di didn't accept your love. you were so broken and empty and blank and all you ever wanted was to be loved and happy! you two were so perfect for each other...! i've always wanted you two to end up together in BoF. and i hope that you find your 'jan-di' in real life. i just want oppa to be happy.

dear kibummie~! <3

oh, kibum. you're my first love. my prince charming~ i have loved you ever since the fifth grade. your smile was always filled with innocence and warmth. god, how i love your smile! and whenever i see you laugh that sweet laugh of yours, my whole day suddenly gets better. you look so adorable, almost like a little child. even though you were always the most distant member in super junior, you never failed to show how much you cared for the others: the way you are so protective of donghae, your playful attitude towards heechul, and how you would cuddle up to the other members and make sure that they ate and had enough rest. i just love you for it.

but truthfully, i'm a bit disappointed in you. how could you leave them all of a sudden? you said you wanted to pursue a better acting career, but the last acting project you did was back in february. what are you doing? why won't you go back to were you belong? with super junior. how are you guys ever going to be complete and happy? like the real family you guys are? just please come back. it makes me sad just the thought of super junior never being complete again. because i be13ve in 13.

dear eli-oppa,

did you know that you're my soulmate? 'cause seriously, you are. you stole my heart completely, when i saw you smile for the very first time. so many people see you as the 'bad boy' of the group, the 'dark, sexy, mysterious' type. but your smile is so awkward and cute and hesitant and shy. and i fell for you. you're just so...so...you. you're not like the other guys, because for some reason, you seem more real to me. from the way you take off your headphones, turn the page of a book, write a letter to your uhmma, dry your hair off with a towel, and everything else-they just seem so normal. and that makes me happy~ ((especially when you stutter like a little boy when speaking korean 'cause it's so cute~~~!))

and lets not forget about your other side. more specifically, your pigeon side. oppa! how the heck do you do that?! how are you making both your eyeballs look at different directions while flailing and pecking the floor weirdly?! dude, i swear you are just so adorable! how can someone so ....s-sexy.... looking as you be so dorky? ((AND YES. I DID REPLAY THAT PART WHERE YOU AND BABY DONGHO-SSHI TOOK THAT SHOWER TOGETHER WHILE YOU FLEXED YOUR MUSCLES, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. SHOOT ME. o-oppa...! your abs!!! YOUR ABS!!!!)) so oppa! please don't change. stay dorky and real ((....and staying hot and sexy helps too...!))

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hahahah..MY dessa dear is getting GIRLY!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA.....^////^..*nudge nudge..*wink..wink..Love you dear..stay innocent..hahah..

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