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raindrops fall gracefully from the stormy skies; close your eyes and make a wish

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we're a bit similar, don't you believe?
last month, we had to do a poetry project for english. one of the poems we had to write about had to relate to the topic of loneliness. and so i wrote this~


three stripes of sunlight make their way into your room
your eyes blink away the restlessness of a sleepless night
a blank look obscures your bitterness for morning came too soon
you desperately try to ignore the persistent ache in your chest

long strands of hair cling to your cheeks and the sides of your neck
and you soon realize from the tightness of your throat and
the burning of your eyes that the tears you had hidden have
finally escaped through steady streams of frustrations

you bury your head into the softness of your bear's tummy
while you cry for a big brother who is never truly there
he told you that college was a faraway place that
bring happiness and relief to mama and papa

this distant brother of yours promised that he will return
but deep in your six year old heart, you knew he wouldn't
why would anyone want to return to an empty "home"
filled with restrictions and "don't do that" and "no, you can't"

you try not to drown in the suffocating silence of you heart
while you persuade yourself into forgetting about dreams
you are six years old but you are not naive with childish wishes
promises are just empty words for the infinitely broken

but you, you will never be broken because your eyes are
clear with hope and you don't need him to return to you
you will find him with forgiveness brushing against your lips
because he will always have your heart in his hands


we had to do a total of six poems with different writing styles, format, etc. my english teacher gave me an A+. he complimented on my style of writing, saying that everything was very well composed. although this poem was the most disorganized one out of the six, he told me he liked this one the most. hearing that brought a true smile to my face.

my english teacher felt the same way about his older brother when he was child. he grew up without a big brother.

just like me.


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