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pitter patter~

raindrops fall gracefully from the stormy skies; close your eyes and make a wish

hi there~! i'm asian and childish and always hungry. MAKE FUN OF MY PERFECTLY NOOOORMAL AND NON-TINY HANDS AND BE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR PANTRY RAIDED. ^^ i love music and monkeys and sweets and frozen yogurt and things that make me happy and referring to myself in third person and using the word 'and' repetitively. sooooo, why are you reading this again???
1 litre of tears, a step from heaven, akanishi jin, and other instruments, anime, arashi, atashinchi no danshi, attack on pin-up boys, ballpens, bishies, bizarre foods, bleach, blood+, blood: the last vampire, book of general ignorance, boys over flowers, chevalier, chunja's happy events, classical, coffee prince, colors of the sea, death note, detective conan, disney movies, doodling/drawing, doraymifasolatido, doujinshi, drinking tea/hot chocolate, eating, endless love series, fallen, fanart, fanfics, fanfiction, fic writers, filipinos, final fantasy vii, food, friends, full house, full metal alchemist, gackt, george lopez, ghost hunters/international/academy, going to amusement parks, gokusen, goong, hagaren, hana kimi, hana yori dango, harry potter series, haruhi, hikaru, honey and clover, hopelessly romantic stories, house of night series, i love to eat???, immortals series, itachisaku, j-pop, j-rock, jdrama, jpop, jun matsumoto, k-pop, kaito kuroba, kamenashi kazuya, kaoru, kat-tun, king and i, kira-kira, koizora, kyouya, learn, literature, man vs. food, manga, monsters, music, music sheets, my lovely sam-soon, my sassy girl, mythbusters, narutohina, nejiten, ninja warrior, ninjas, no reservations, nobuta wo produce, notebooks, ohshc, old people music, one missed call, one piece, ootori, opm myx, ouran, ouran highschool host club, ouran host club, outside beauty, personal taste, phineas and ferb, photographs, piano, pillows, pizza, playing my piano, princess hours, prophecy of the sisters, proposal daisakusen, rainbow romance, read, reading loooooooots of books, revenge of 47 samurais, samurai champloo, sasusaku, saya, secret, slanted comedy, sleep, solomon, spirited away, stairway to heaven, started with a kiss, t[s] with best buddies, tamaki, the blind side, the last samurai, the mortal instruments series, the powerpuff girls, they kissed again, tormented, uchiha sasuke, up, vampire knight, vampires, vincent valentine, violin, watch movies, watching asian dramas/movies, watching movies, weedflower, writing, yamapi, yiruma, you're beautiful, yuffentine, yui